The Next Generation of Drinking Water™

The Next Generation of Drinking Water™





The Power of Positive pH


When the water in your body is not maintained at the proper pH level, much like a swimming pool, it becomes acidic. Acid in the body is the root cause of most diseases and numerous other health problems.







 The Power of Positive pH  The benefits of high pH (9.5+) Water!  





Superior Hydration


The secret is out! Almost all drinking water is formed of water molecules that are clustered together in large molecular clusters of anywhere from 10 to 15 molecules per cluster. The smaller the clusters found in Pure Alkaline Drinking Water are a far better form of hydration. Our patented process...






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 Superior Hydration  The power of Smaller Water Clusters!  







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"By making the change to Pure Alkaline Hydration, you can harness the power of alkaline water to balance body and life…."   ~Darryl Barnes, President

Pure Alkaline Drinking Water


As more people have begun to understand the benefits of adding Alkaline-Rich water to their routine, great things are happening! Alkaline hydration has long been used to support optimal health and well-being, but with new science and research these benefits are becoming better known to the world.  Pure Alkaline Drinking water is the Next Generation of Drinking Water™  because it offers benefits you just can’t find in most drinking waters. From the superior hydration offered by micro-clustering being a natural antioxidant and cleansing

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